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At TechTank, we have the capability to take an invention from concept to production and perform contract injection molding services for various industries. When it comes to injection molded parts, time is usually of the essence—as is quality. We provide low-cost plastic injection molding services that often revolve around creating and optimizing plastic injection molded parts. At TechTank, our injection molding process provides reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective products. We manufacture superior products faster, allowing our customers to keep up with their demanding production schedules. With our inexpensive prototyping, TechTank can confidently compete with injection molding costs overseas across all industries.

Find out more about what plastic injection molding is, and how TechTank is a leader in providing quick, high quality manufactured automotive, manufacturing, and commercial applications.

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Injection Molding, Product Development, and Consulting Services are our Top Priorities

Providing High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding Services

TechTank specializes in providing high-quality, fast turnaround, and low-priced plastic injection molding for short to medium-run parts. In most cases, we provide production runs and initial inexpensive prototypes in a fraction of the time it would take other companies. We are interested in all run sizes, no matter how big small.
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Some types of injection molding services that TechTank provides include:
  • Conventional injection molding
  • Two-shot/over-molding
  • Insert molding
  • Traditional molding from 25 tons to 1500 tons

TechTank’s In-house Capabilities

TechTank provides a full range of cost-effective services and capabilities to various processes all aimed at increasing our client’s success. With the use of our collaborative robots, we provide our customers with faster production methods and continuous running capabilities using automation, TechTank has quicker turnovers, competitive pricing compared to overseas companies, and provides secondary manufacturing services. TechTank offers all our services in close proximity which allows easier communication while creating an efficient and easy to manage supply chain.
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TechTank offers in-house support capabilities including:
  • Engineering services
  • Management
  • Fully-integrated quality system ISO 9000 & 13485
  • Supply chain coordination
  • In-house tooling support
  • On-site inexpensive prototyping and rapid production
Techtank’s in-house capabilities provide our customers with various secondary services in developing, prototyping, and producing products all under one roof, making TechTank an exemplary supplier of low cost, quality molded products.

TechTank’s Plastic Injection Molding Materials and Finishes

TechTank’s plastic injection molding services are suited for a vast array of thermoplastics including: engineered resins, elastomers, and polyolefins as well as custom color matching. Injection molding is a versatile process, and TechTank has the abilities to handle a wide range of materials, allowing us to manufacture high-quality products more efficiently, while also keeping them low-priced for our customers.
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At TechTank, we provide our customers with various value-added options that come after injection molding:
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Fulfillment
At TechTank, our accommodating business model allows instant access to all of our capabilities to provide fast turnaround time for your short-medium run.

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