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TechTank’s team of professionals are committed to the highest standards in regards to the quality of work we offer our customers. Everyone on our dedicated team has either started, ran, or sold a business. With the success and experience we have within our team, we are confident that we can help any entrepreneur or business owner create new products, strategize, and grow their businesses.

TechTank Offers Diverse In-House Capabilities Designed to Develop New Products

At TechTank, our customer-focused services allow us to take our customers ideas and organize their visions into a viable path to success. Starting with product design, engineering, and part optimization, we will go through the complete manufacturing process with our customers. Whether customers are at the beginning stages of their business development or need to make adjustments to their original business strategies for new products, TechTank can help.
TechTank offers business development, injection molding for short to medium-runs, CNC machining, robotics, and security services to help create, strategize, and grow businesses. Our in-house capabilities provide customers with various services all under one roof, making TechTank a unique product based startup incubator.

Why Choose TechTank?

New Business Development Services

TechTank has the knowledge, processes and systems, and equipment to bring your ideas to reality. We continually strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in all stages of the process. TechTank focuses on building outstanding business development strategies for each one of our customers by focusing on main services needed to grow a successful business. TechTank offers various value-added services like investing, packaging, and branding opportunities to our clients.

Injection Molding and Other Machining Capabilities

At TechTank, we have the capability to take a new product idea from concept to the necessary research & development phases to production. We emphasise and focus on optimizing all our injection molded products to have the highest quality in the most economical way. At TechTank, our injection molding process provides reliable, high-quality products.

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