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TechTank’s machine shop offers milling, grinding, electrical discharge machining(EDM), and other machining services for a wide range of capabilities at competitive price. TechTank uses CNC as part of a product development process for companies and individuals. In addition to our turnkey product development process, we also perform low-cost contract CNC machining for companies in Erie Pennsylvania and throughout the country.
TechTank is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides high-quality, low-priced CNC machining services for small, medium, large, and custom CNC machining jobs. TechTank works with industries such as the consumer goods, fitness, and automotive industry to provide services that can accommodate varied project budgets and requirements.

TechTank is Fully Equipped to Take on Any Precision Machining Job

Our new manufacturing facility covers 12,000 square feet and includes a full complement of advanced computerized milling and turning centers, as well as laser cutting and wire-EDM machining equipment. The combination of superior equipment and the unique knowledge and experience of our team members enables TechTank to provide the best CNC services to our customers at a competitive price compared to oversea companies.

We are known for our lightning-fast turnaround times, regardless of project size or scope. Our quick turnaround allows our customers to keep up with their demanding production schedules while still experiencing a low per-piece rate that increases machining project profitability.

Top of the Line Product Design Software for CNC Machining

For TechTank’s CNC machining department, we utilize the latest CAD/CAM software (MasterCAm & BobCAD), as well as Design Software (SolidWorks), along with our modern CNC machines. This CAD/CAM software enables us to download custom drawing files from companies located in the U.S. and around the world. Using the top of the line software significantly simplifies all of our CNC machining processes to accommodate any customers specifications and manufacture low-cost, yet high-quality products.
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